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The painter Juan Salvador was born close to the Texas border, at Frontera Coahuila Mexico, He began painting when he was in middle school and took visual arts workshops for three years.
In 1972 He finished his enginiering career and  worked for different firms around his hometown. In 1976 He moved to Mexico city, same year when the painter Jose Luis Cuevas (1934-2019) left Mexico to go at Frace.
  He took drawing and painting classes on different schools such as San Fernando, La Esmeralda and El Molinito where He studied Engraving.
His pasion for watercolor iniciated when He discovered "The Watercolor Museum of Mexico city" where He met the director of the museum, Profesor Alfredo Guati Rojo, who introduced Him to this wonderful technique  of color, water and transparency.
To begin 1980 he moved to Southest Mexico to work in Mexican Petroleum and change to crowly city to wonderfull tropical places and ancient cultures.
Early in 1981 he took a drawing and composition class for two years at Villahermosa Tabasco and after that, he started to participe in colective exhibitions.
He moved to Veracruz in 1991, in 1995 he took watercolor classes for two years with the teacher Lourdes Aspiri, during this time he  participated in groups arts shows in Veracruz.
In 1999 He went back to his hometown and exibited in different shows at Monclova and Frontera Coahuila.
In 2001  He moved to Austin Tx. and in February of 2003 He exhibited three watercolor in the annual event "Toma mi Corazon" in "La Pena Latino Arts in Austin". he sold all his pieces, one of his works  was chosen to be at the front cover of the event invitation.
He also  showed his work at "Brocca Gallery" and participaited in the East Austin Studio Tour 2005-2007.  In 2008 He joined to "Hispacuarela" (an online group), being the headquarters of this organization in Madrid Spain. Some of his works was showed throughout Europe.
From 2008-2013 he moved to a cabin close to Onion Creek, surrounded by trees, deers and some beautiful streams that passed by his cabin. Dedicating himself almost completely to paint, reading and writing, until a morning of Oct. 31, 2013 a flood surprised him, having to be rescued by boat along with his neighbors. He lost everything, the only thing he could rescued was the watercolor paintings he was able to paint until that day. After, at the beginning of 2014 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer which he had a battle with all this time, on this day he was able to win the fight, that was the reason in 2016 that he got back and expose his exposition at the event “Toma mi corazón de La Peña Gallery” participating with five hearts in which they all sold out. He also participated in a show at Studio 10 Art Gallery where he shows his new work and some before the flood in 2013. At the end of 2019 he gets into the acrylic technique, medium that he had practiced at the beginning of his career but that now with all of his skills, especially with watercolor has helped him achieve great quality pieces. In this 2021 he has associated with his great friend the painter Agusto Brocca to install a gallery studio were he has his exhibit open to the public.


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